The Pom'Chef and Maxi Fry fryers with no hood are automatic counter-top appliances designed to easily operate in the presence of the public, since they emit no fumes nor vapours into the air, as proven by ARPA (Agenzia Regionale Prevenzione e Ambiente) [Regional Prevention and Environmental Agency] in Emilia Romagna.

The frying chamber is completely closed and the fumes and vapours are extracted and eliminated by an air recirculation and purification system right inside of the fryer. It therefore requires no flue or extractor hood.

FriggitriceWith Eurochef fryers, snack bars, pubs, wine bars, snack and takeaway pizzerias, hotels, beach facilities, kiosks, sporting venues, service stations and any place that wants to offer food service without having a kitchen, can prepare chips, croquettes, fish, cutlets, battered vegetables, fired mozzarellas, onion rings, chicken wings etc. in just two or three minutes, without fumes nor vapours and above all without requiring specialised personnel.

Thanks to the Pom'Chef and Maxi Fry hoodless fryers, a new business can be added to existing activities, requiring very little space and with the same personnel. These fryers do not require manual labour: the operator just inserts the product and presses a button; when the portion is ready, it automatically drops onto the tray.

Friggitrice automatica da bancoEurochef is in partnership with Mc Cain Italia for the presentation of products at trade fairs and demonstrations.

Mc Cain chose Eurochef because its fryers are able to prepare any product anywhere, quickly and with the needed quality to maintain its image in high standing.


Eurochef shows at Mia fair in Rimini its own production of professional fryers