DoraFor those already equipped with an extractor hood, such as pizzerias or kitchens, or for kiosks that can vent vapours to the outside, Eurochef produces the Dora automatic counter-top fryer, with a production capacity of 600 gr. each frying cycle. It can be connected to the hood or directly to the outside.

Automatic counter-top fryerThe working principle of the Dora automatic counter-top fryer is the same as Pom'Chef, bua it is not equipped with a fume and vapour removal unit. User-friendly, even the Dora fryer prepares instant food perfectly, always crisp and delicious, with needing specialised personnel.






Automatic counter-top fryer Dora

French fries charging capacity 600 gr
Oil capacity 9 liters
220/240 V - 50/60 Hz (380/400 V on request)
Heating power 3.500 W
Total power 3,6 Kw
Dimensions 58 X 42 x 57(h) cm
Weight 30 kg