Maxi FryMaxi Fry, the twin hoodless fryer allows you to prepare food at an instant with the same quality as restaurant food, even without a kitchen. It can meet the requirements of large-scale production, with a perfect result and without specialised personnel.

Twin hoodless fryerThe Maxi Fry, the twin hoodless fryer has two separate oil basins and is capable of preparing 600 + 600 gr at a time, with an maximum overall capacity of 20 Kg per hour.





Twin hoodless fryer Maxy Fry KL5

French fries charging quantity
600 + 600 g
Oil Capacity 9 + 9 liters
Voltage 380/400 V - 50/60 Hz (220/240 V on request)
Heating Power 7.000 W
Total Power 7,9 Kw
Dimensions 85 X 93 x 58(h) cm
Weight 90 Kg