PizzachefThe Pizzachef counter-top pizza oven reaches very high temperatures (up to 400°C) and, with a frozen base and fresh seasonings, can prepare a tasty pizza in just two minutes.

Professional oven for pizzaBut Pizzachef is able of cooking any type of pizza, fresh or frozen, even already spiced.

Its digital electronics ensures precise and easy control, both of the temperature and of the cooking time, which can also be checked through the glass doors.

The Pizzachef counter-top pizza oven is equipped with a refractory base and is ideal for all types of pastry products as well, such as bread, pies, biscuits, strudel, and more: it can even cook meat to perfection.

The Pizzachef pizza oven for snack bars is available both in the single and double version, with and without the built-in extractor hood.




Single oven MP1

Double oven MP2

Voltage 220/240 V - 50 Hz 220/240 V - 50 HZ
Power 2 kW 2+2 kW
Ovens internal dimensions 39 x 39 x 10(h) cm 39 x 39 x 10(h) cm
Ovens external dimensions 53 x 53 x 40(h) cm 53 x 53 x 58(h) cm
Dimensions with optional extractor hood 53 x 53 x 49(h) cm 53 x 53 x 67(h) cm
Weight 25 Kg 45 Kg