The Pastachef and Pasta Pronta hoodless pasta cookers are automatic counter-top appliances designed to prepare excellent pasta dishes without needing a kitchen.

With the Eurochef pasta cookers, snack bars, pubs, wine bars, snack and takeaway pizzerias, hotels, beach facilities, kiosks, sporting venues, service stations and any place that wants to offer food service, can instantly prepare excellent first courses even without a kitchen or specialised personnel.

Pasta cookerThanks to the Pastachef and Pasta Pronta hoodless pasta cookers a new business can be added to existing activities, in very little space and with the same personnel. These pasta cookers do not require manual labour: the operator just inserts the product and presses a button; when the portion is ready, it automatically drops onto the plate or else the basket lifts up out of the water thus ending the cooking.

Pasta cooker


The fact that the Pastachef and Pasta Pronta cookers cook in a traditional manner, allows them to use any kind of pasta: fresh, dried or frozen pre-cooked.

The Pastachef and Pasta Pronta pasta cookers are provided with convenient adjustable-temperature sauce-heaters, either built-in or separate. They are made to be able to extract all of the parts in contact with the food in an instant, in order to be easily washed in a dishwasher.