Pasta ProntaThe Pasta Pronta counter-top pasta cooker is an automatic appliance produced for catering operations without a kitchen.

Counter-top pasta cookerThe Pasta Pronta counter-top pasta cooker does not require an extractor hood and is suitable to prepare any type of pasta, with standard cooking in water.

It is particularly useful for frozen pre-cooked pasta, which can be ready in one minute. Each one of the four independent baskets contains a single portion or even two at will.

The product is inserted into one basket by hand, then diping automatically into the water and, when cooking is over, surfacing to the top.

The Pasta Pronta counter-top pasta cooker is provided with a four-basin built-in sauce heater.



Counter-top pasta cooker Pasta Pronta CP4

Loading capacity max 2 portions each basket
Water capacity 20 lt. with removable basin and discharge valve
Voltage 220/240 V - 50/60 Hz
Heating power 3,5 Kw
Total power 4 Kw
Dimensions 69 x 51 x 63(h) cm
Weight 39 Kg